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The Begonias are a family of nurses who appreciate the gift of life and always find opportunities in each day to help others around them in need.

They believe in the concept of “paying it forward,” which is defined as a scenario where a person receiving a good deed repays the kindness to others instead of to the original benefactor.


They are passionate about making a difference in the local and global community. When they are not working in the hospital or academia, they enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, volunteering for medical missions, running, and spending time with their dog, Olaf.


Since Alex was born with Down syndrome, the Begonias became more aware of the unique circumstances and needs that some people have. The Begonias were so grateful for Alex’s health that they decided to share their happiness and pay it forward. In 1998, the family started projects and programs that would benefit others in need. 

The first project was started by Kate Begonia, when she was around 12 years old. During her first trip to the Philippines, she saw that some areas, particularly in Pangasinan, needed educational and recreational activities, and wanted to help.


She thought of her own childhood experience in the United States and realized that almost every family’s backyard or park had a playground yet there were no playgrounds in Pangasinan. She wanted the other Filipino children she interacted with to experience the joy of having a playground.

She asked her parents for help funding the building of one playground. Setting her mind on the goal, she saved her babysitting money and allowance to make this happen for the children of Popantay.


When it finally was built and she saw the pictures of the children enjoying it, she couldn’t believe the impact it had! The smiles on the childrens’ faces showed their joy and appreciation. Little did she know that many more playgrounds and programs would follow!



Orlando Begonia

Chief Executive Officer

Angelina Begonia


Kathleen Begonia

Board member

Alex Begonia



Family mascot

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