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Our dream of having a school canteen named in honor of the Alexander Begonia Foundation was made possible by Principal Mr. Aladin Mayo, Mr. Florencio, Valdez, the teachers, staff, and students of Alaminos City National High School (ACNHS). Being my alma mater, it means so much to me and my family. My family know that because of Alex, many students who are under nourished or hungry, will have a place to get their proper nutrition, because of the ABF school feeding program.

We are very grateful that we are able to provide support, to one of the most important stage of someone’s education. Being an alumni, I am very grateful to the school, to the teachers and staff for who I am today.

We are honored to support the ACNHS Junior and Senior high school Bread and Pastry Program. Many of the students will learn how to make bakery goods to be sold by the school canteen, portion of the proceeds will support the school feeding program.

Thank you and God bless



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