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Longos Elementary School feeding program.

Another School feeding program supported by the foundation!

Thanks to everyone that supported this program

"Feeding the hungry means feeding your heart"

Making Valentine's Day a healthy day for our hearts as we continuously work hand in hand against hunger and malnutrition. We would like to extend our utmost gratitude to Alexander Begonia Foundation, to Sir Orlando Begonia and family and to ma'am Letty and Sir Steve Chang for their unbounded generosity and tremendous support on our school supplementary feeding program. Moreover, special thanks to Ma'am Joann Pobletin Villafania and Sir Cagne Villafania for the endorsement. Our heart is full of gratitude and solemn joy as we strive to improve and sustain the nutritional status and well-being of our pupils. This kind of program undeniably alleviates hunger, improves nutrition, and promotes the growth of healthy families and children.

The smile on their faces really makes this feeding program worthwhile, expressing gratefulness for helping them aspire to a brighter future. Again, thanks a lot.



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