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  •     Providing Scholarships

  •     Building Playgrounds

  •     Feeding Children

  •     Special Education Programs

  •     Medical Missions

  •     ​Awards and Recognitions



ABF is engaged in providing a variety of programs designated to enrich the lives of people; from building playgrounds, awarding scholarships, feeding the hungry, or even providing education to improve community health.


Providing Scholarships

ABF believes that education is the key to ensuring stability in life. It is an important aspect of developing better citizens who can improve upon their life circumstances and contribute to the betterment of society. By providing scholarships to students in need, we provide opportunities for motivated scholars to improve upon their circumstances and develop the skills they need to thrive and eventually, pay it forward to others.


Building Playgrounds

Recreation allows children to refresh their bodies and minds. Playground equipment encourages interaction among children, restores energy, and promotes a sense of joy. The foundation promotes wellness and shares their joy with the children of Alaminos City through the playgrounds.

Feeding Children

Food is essential for successful learners. Hunger hinders the ability to focus and study, which leads to poor academic performance and strained interpersonal relationships.  By providing feeding programs, we provide students an opportunity to maximize their learning potential.


Special Education Programs

Children with special needs are often left behind because of the limited resources available for them. To encourage their physical, emotional, and cognitive development, the foundation provides funding for the special education programs at various schools to help support children with special needs.

Medical Missions

As healthcare professionals, we have a strong desire to improve the health of our local and global communities. The foundation occasionally has nursing volunteers available to conduct blood pressure screenings and educate the community about ways to improve health through lifestyle modifications (diet, exercise, meditation).


Awards and Recognitions

‘Caring’ and ‘compassion’ are traits that should be celebrated! In a society that primarily awards academic success, we choose to recognize the students who go out of their way to help others in need. Every year at Alex’s former elementary school, where he was awarded the Morton Civic Association Award for citizenship, we recognize two students for their care and compassion in helping others. 

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